Vendor and Factory Set-up Instructions

Bon-Ton requires that all vendors complete a vendor and factory profile to ensure they are set up in all support systems correctly. Please supply a copy of a blank invoice for your company, along with completing and returning all the below forms to Copy your Bon-Ton product manager on all requests. This process must be completed at least 60 days prior to your first shipment (x-factory date) to prevent shipping delays.

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ecVision Contract
After the vendor setup has been completed in our Bon-Ton system, ecVision will send vendors their ecVision contract registration form. It is a requirement that you sign and return the ecVision contract and complete ecVision training as soon as possible. We can not EDI your purchase orders until this has been completed.

SrmOn System (Suppliers Relationship Management)
For Product Lifecycle Management

All apparel vendors are required to use Bon-Ton’s srmOn system. This system will be used by you to access our specifications on styles, sample requests and other development information. Login to SrmOn by clicking on this link .Your Username and password will be sent in an email from once your set-up is complete in the BonTon system. The SrmOn User Guide can be found in srmOn under the resource folder. Contact for srmOn training.

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